Joey’s Home Movies for the Week of July 1 – Forrest Gump and Taxi Driver Get 4K Censorship

Welcome back to my home movies! We don't really have any new releases of note this week, but we do have a few 4K Steelbooks hitting the shelves. They include things like the following Forrest Gump, SawXand taxi driverwait. What did I choose as my top choice today? Find out below and what the new Criterion Collection version is…

Joey's top choice

Taxi Driver (1976) Photography: Michael Chapman

Taxi Driver (4K tin box)

It can be said Martin ScorseseThe best movie and one of the best times for both of them Robert De Niro and jodie foster (not to mention Harvey Keitel and Peter Boyleor writer Paul Schrader About this question). It's almost an embarrassment of riches for this absolutely grim classic. To be sure, the film speaks for itself. taxi driver is a must-have in your collection, so the launch of a cool Steelbook version in 4K makes it an even more obvious choice.

Also available this week


Host: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (4K)

Escape plan triple function

Forrest Gump (4K iron box)

Beginners in housekeeping

Unearthed Icons: The Simpsons (television)

born killer (4K Director’s Cut)

breaking point (4K)

SawX (4K iron box)

UHF (4K)

Standard angle


pat garrett and billy the kid

From the Criterion Collection: “Sam Peckinpah's cycle of redefining the Western genre ends with this elegy for the blood and dust of the American West, which combines his rebellious style with a fatalistic sense of finality. New lawman Pat Garda As LeT (James Coburn) tracks outlaw Billy the Kid (Kris Kristofferson) across the plains, their old friendship is twisted into competition, and mythical ideals of freedom collide with the emerging ruling class order. Clash – and it's all set to a haunting score composed by Bob Dylan (who also appears as the mercurial Arias). pat garrett and billy the kid— presented here for the first time in three different versions — is perhaps the maverick director’s richest and most mature work, a world-weary ballad that carries the solemn weight of history transformed into legend.

Stay tuned for more next week…

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