Joey’s Home Movies for the Week of June 17 – The Return of the Oscar-Winning Film American Novel

Welcome back to my home movies! This week, the latest winners for Best Adapted Screenplay hit the shelves. Yes, American novel Went home today. In addition to some new Criterion Collection titles, what else is hitting the shelves? Read carefully to find out…

Joey's top choice


American novel

As popular as the academy and film festival circuit American novel, awarded it the Oscar for adapted screenplay. In my opinion, this movie also lived up to the hype. Funny, smart, conversation-starting, entertainment that has something to say. I talked to the filmmakers about the film Cord Jefferson (here), co-starring Tracee Ellis Ross (here) and star Jeffrey Wright ( here ), so be sure to check out those discussions. I have the following points to add to my review:

there are many reasons American novel It's been attracting many fans since it was a surprise hit at this year's Toronto International Film Festival. To me, I think the biggest reason is that we can no longer find these kinds of jobs. Beyond that, it's even an extremely specific but ultimately universal story. Anyone will get something from this movie. This isn't just an inside baseball thing, even if a little understanding of the industry would lead to more laughs. This is just an impeccably made movie. Believe the hype, guys. This movie is undoubtedly one of the cinematic highlights of 2023.

American novel This isn't just a harsh irony. This is more than just a showcase for outstanding character actors Jeffrey Wright. It's also an emotional, funny, and touching character study/family drama. The laughs are huge, especially during the ironic moments. Yet it’s the deep well of emotion, and beating heart, that sets this piece apart.

Also available this week

american gigolo (4K)

Chinatown 4K / Two Jacks (Blu-ray)

RoboCop (4K)

shotgun story (Blu-ray)

Warehouse 13: The Complete Series (television)

Standard angle



From the Standard Collection: “In their use matrix, Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski deliver pure sleazy pleasure with their ultra-stylish debut, injecting delicious lesbian undertones into a brilliant comedy performance. When male plumber Corky (Gina Gershon) attracts the attention of charming woman Violet (Jennifer Tilly), little does she know she's about to be embroiled in a torrid affair and a high-stakes affair. This will pit the two against each other during the robbery. With crackling dialogue, sweet neo-noir cinematography and live performances from Gershon, Tilly and Joe Pantoliano, boundary is a joyride of a reimagined genre that keeps the tension and erotic heat rising at every crazy oblique turn.


victim of sin

Criterion Collection commented: “This masterfully crafted blend of a brutal crime drama, a deeply moving maternal melodrama and a mambo musical is a treasure from the golden age of Mexican cinema, starring iconic star Ninon Seville. Ninón Sevilla delivers a dazzling performance, bringing intense charisma and fiery power to her role. Lumbera– A nightclub dancer who gives up everything to raise an abandoned boy who she must protect from her ruthless gangster father. Directed at a dizzying pace by filmmaking titan Emilio Fernández, acclaimed cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa creates stylish chiaroscuro in smoky dance halls and seedy underworld haunts. shooting, victim of sin is a female-led, entertaining film noir set to the intoxicating beats of some of Latin America's most legendary music stars.

Stay tuned for more next week…

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