Joey’s Home Movies for the Week of June 10th – Remembering Gene Wilder and Sidney Sweeney as a Scream Queen

Welcome back to my home movies! today we have Sydney Sweeneyhorror car flawless Against documentary In Memory of Gene Wilder. A new Criterion was also released this week. Which movie ends up standing out here? Read carefully to find out…

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Sydney Sweeney in 'Scream Queens' flawless, a horror film that doesn't particularly reinvent the wheel but is fundamentally satisfying. Her screen presence helps a lot here, although there are some gore scenes. It's just as gritty as you want a horror movie to be. My review of the film (here) begins like this:

Religious-themed horror isn't usually my favorite subgenre. Of course, believing or not believing doesn't completely affect whether a horror movie is right for you, but having a certain level of belief does increase the potential for fear. Lacking that, I think these horror movies just set in interesting locations and half-jokingly break them down to the bone. So when something like flawless Choosing not to focus too much on religion, I think that's a positive. Combined with a strong central performance and some surprising carnage, genre fans should be very happy.

flawless It has some ideas, but at its core it's mostly gore, jump scares, and a display of scream queens. The Terror Wheel is clearly not going to be reinvented, although the Abbey setting is slightly different than usual. Most importantly, it's a star car, and in that regard, it's largely a success.

Recommended viewing

Geno Lorber

In Memory of Gene Wilder

This documentary is right Gene Wilder. His fans would be wise to give it a try. There are extensive cuts, and far more time is spent on the joy of his talent than the tragedy of his death. Wilder was an extraordinary talent, and the doctors will make sure you realize that fact. I said the following in my comments:

Who doesn't love Gene Wilder? Whether it is a Mel Brooks like a movie Blazing Saddle, Produceror young frankensteinor Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, there is a work that makes you fall in love with an actor. Now we have documentaries In Memory of Gene Wilder Not only a tribute to his career, but also a tribute to his life.

In Memory of Gene Wilder is incredibly respectful and downright religious, but it never comes off as fan service. The doctor spent years playing the role of a movie producer and his colleagues/friends who wanted to talk about their love for Gene. There's a sense of intimacy about the person speaking, and a lot of editing, that makes this a fitting tribute to the man for any fan of Wilder. If you somehow don't know who he is, well, you'll need to address that, but it's also a solid entry point.

Also available this week

Warner Bros.

dog man

Godzilla x King Kong: A New Empire

Nikita woman (4K)

Shrek: 4 Movies Collection (4K)

stop motion animation

Superman & Lois: The Complete Season 3 (television)

Standard angle



From the Criterion Collection: “Inspired by the unholy encounter of two iconoclastic queer artists, Rainer Werner Fassbinder's final film boldly elevates Jean Genet's controversial novel to the level of myth. In Representation In a studio set in a quaint French seaport town – bathed in fiery hues and complete with phallic spiers – a burly sailor and unrepentant criminal (Brad Davis) Coming to the Shore stirs up passion, rivalry and violence among the libidinous inhabitants caught up in his orbit, presented in a dreamlike manner by international stars such as Jeanne Moreau and Franco Nero. style interpretation, quarrel finds Fassbinder taking his taboo-breaking depiction of homosexual desire to wild extremes.

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