Joey's Home Movies for the Week of May 28 – Anatomy of a Fall Becomes Criterion and Knox Is Gone

Welcome back to my home movies! Today, one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the last year Anatomy of a Fall Get a physical version, that's the Criterion Collection approach! There are also some underrated gems such as Knox leaves There are more Criterion books hitting shelves this week. More reasons…

Joey's top choice


Anatomy of Falls (Standard)

Anatomy of a Fall Whenever anyone saw it last year, whether on the festival circuit or in general release, it pretty much lived up to the hype. It was really great and there was a lot to think about and discuss after it was over. I talked to the heroine Sandra Wheeler and co-writer/director Justin Treat Here, too, is Macy the dog, and the owner/trainer Laura Martinand translators frederick cassidy here. My review at last year's Toronto International Film Festival received such high praise:

When discussing legal proceedings, you'll often hear some version of “well, it doesn't actually matter what the protagonist does or doesn't do.” Most of the time, this is an exaggeration. However, there are times when this argument is appropriate. in the case of Anatomy of a Fall, this is a rare occasion. Watching this film unfold is an equally fascinating experience no matter which side of the case you're on. Screening at the Toronto International Film Festival after a strong run at other festivals this year, this is truly great filmmaking.

Anatomy of a Fall Keeping you engrossed from start to finish. Is the film longer than it needs to be? Maybe so, but I bet you have to figure out where to prune. The length allows the courtroom sequences to breathe and feel more real. Plus, the central argument scene will be the highlight and show what it's really all about. By the time the movie ends, your heart may be racing.

Recommended viewing

Saban Films

Knox leaves

Michael KeatonThe latest directorial effort (which he also stars in) was one of the bigger surprises for me last year during the festival season. This psychologically slanted slasher drama is hilarious, clever, and impeccably produced. few of you see Knox leaves, so now is the time to correct this glaring omission. My positive comments about TIFF are as follows:

Any interesting movie with a twist on the genre does a lot for me. and Knox leaves, making a smaller movie with this premise would be a chore. We've seen the old killer fail countless times before. Here, with a new spin, and capable hands Michael Keaton As director and star. It became one of the most compelling small films at this year's Toronto International Film Festival.

Knox leaves Most likely a one-time thing. In fact, in lesser hands, we might see some downright bad things. Instead, Keaton and company discovered not only the humanity but also the hypnotic qualities of the story. Considering how much it can go wrong, this was one of the surprises of the festival for me.

Also available this week

Kingsley Ben-Adir plays “Bob Marley” in “Bob Marley: A Love Affair” produced by Paramount Pictures.

king arthur

batman (1989) (4K)

Bob Marley: A Love


club zero

crimson peak (4K)



I'm the captain

Kung Fu Panda: 4 Movies Collection

Kung Fu Panda 4

“Monk: The Complete Seventh Season” (television)

My Hometown Hero: Complete Season (television)

red right hand

sasquatch sunset

StarCraft III: The Search for Spock (4K)

Standard angle


everything that breathes

From the Criterion Collection: “Shaunak Sen's everything that breathes Reinventing environmental documentary by depicting the interplay of animals and humans in a profound and lyrical way. For more than a year, Sen followed New Delhi-based brothers Mohammad Saudi and Nadeem Shehzad as they rescued birds of prey from the devastating effects of increasingly urban pollution. While chronicling the siblings' daily struggles and successes, he also documents their poetic reflections on humans' relationship with the environment, wildlife's interaction with cities, and India's outbreak of anti-Muslim violence. Full of beautiful, sober and thoughtful images, everything that breathes Consider the subtle connections that connect humans to each other and species to each other.


Girlfriends fighting

From The Criterion: “Bulled by her father at home and feeling adrift at school, Diana Guzman (Michelle Rodriguez) finds herself in an unexpected place in her hometown of Brooklyn Sanctuary—a stale boxing gym where she learns to channel her strength, discovers a sense of community, and falls in love with her competitors—in Karin Kusama's raw, understated debut. A tightly coiled intensity and deep vulnerability dominate the screen, playing a young woman fighting back against society's expectations and her own inner demons, Kusama captures the full emotional weight of Diana's journey and the dynamism of her body in motion. Euphoria, crafting an uncompromising story of self-realization.

*A word of caution, Anatomy of a Fall Also a new release from Criterion and today’s top pick above*

Stay tuned for more next week…

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