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Joey's Home Movies Week of May 20th – Lots of 4K re-releases


Welcome back to my home movies! We don't have a lot of new releases this week, but we do have a ton of interesting 4K re-releases, so that's emphasized.we still have a stroke of luck from woody allen on shelves and launch the new Criterion Collection. Continue reading to learn more…

Joey's top choice

Shutter Island

4K bonanza!

Nowadays, a large number of critically acclaimed movies are released in 4K versions, and this is the focus.Including beverly hills cop, Cloverfield, The Hunt for Red October, Interstellar, Narcotics police, quiet place, Shutter Islandand Selfless. So if you haven't enjoyed any of this content in 4K yet, this is a great opportunity to learn something new. After all, they're great in their own right, so adding in how great they look makes it a no-brainer!

Also available this week

gravel production

a stroke of luck

Big mistake

Galaxy Next Door: Complete Season (television)

Standard angle


Three revolutionary films by Ousmane Sembene

From the Criterion Collection: “Creating a path for African filmmakers to tell their own stories on screen, Senegalese director Ousmane Sembène has positioned his career-long project – unleashing film’s potential as a tool for social change – towards an increasingly urgent and developing in provocative directions, three of his defining features of the decade were radical calls for resistance. amitai, evil subversive irony Aunt, and the controversial historical epic Cedo— confirmed his status as a fearless truth-teller for whom the camera is the ultimate weapon against all forms of oppression.

Stay tuned for more next week…

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