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Joey’s Home Movies for the Week of May 13th – More from “Dune: Part 2”


Welcome back to my home movies!today we have Dune: Part 2 Coming home was another shock.Although there are other worthy options such as a life consider. Continue reading to learn more…

Joey's top choice

Warner Bros.

Dune: Part 2

It's no secret that I doubt it dune.Of course, I was wrong, so I entered Dune: Part 2 Open-minded, although not as energetic as most.So, of course I was blown away again, proving the point Denis Villeneuve He's really at his best on this team.I talked to the production designer Patrice Vermet Here we bring Villeneuve's vision to life. In my glowing review, I have the following to say:

What a difference a few years can make.I enter dune ( TIFF review here ) It was with trepidation that I wondered if this was just another ambitious failure. I walked out of the festival screening and turned back to the venue, excited to see what was going to happen next. At the same time, deep down I did have a little concern about part two. Can it keep up the momentum and be as effective as the first one?Or, have more than five hours to tell Frank HerbertIs it a good thing that the book altogether results in bloat and maybe even too much?Well, I'm here to report Dune: Part 2 None of these.film producer Denis Villeneuve Progress has been made in all aspects dune, what is this saying. The first part is just a great setup for a grand sci-fi story that doubles as Villeneuve's epic war movie. Again I was corrected because my fears and worries were unfounded.

Dune: Part 2 Find ways to complete the novel's story while raising the stakes on all fronts. The action scenes are bigger and on an incredible scale, and the novel's actual ideas, as well as the complex themes of religious fanaticism, are clearly visible.Even though I wouldn't call it that The Empire Strikes Back For our time, those who say this are not entirely exaggerating.

Also available this week

a life

American Negro Magical Association

Dune: 2 Movies Collection (4K)


Magic Mike (4K)

a life

Standard angle



From the Criterion Collection: “Michael Powell took British cinema into the sublime realm of fantasy and imagination, taking a dark bend into obsession, voyeurism and violence through his pioneering metacinematic study of the mechanisms of fear. Armed with his killer camera, photographer and filmmaker Mark Lewis (Carl Bohm) unleashes his childhood trauma by murdering women and documenting their deaths, until he falls in love with his downstairs neighbor and discovers himself struggling with his own dark impulses, was met with backlash upon release, but has since been regarded as a masterpiece that, after endless analysis, remains shocking. voyeur Encourage viewers to confront their own relationship with violence on screen.

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