Joey’s Home Movies for the Week of May 6 – Explore “Kim’s Videos”

Welcome back to my home movies! This week we have a fun little documentary taking top honors as part of The Thin Plate. Yes, my first choice today is Kim's video. What else is coming soon, including another new Criterion Collection release? Read carefully to find out…

Joey's top choice

drawing room movies

Kim's video

The subject matter of this documentary is very interesting, especially for New York filmgoers. Kim's video Not just a title, but the name of a famous rental store in New York City. As it grew in size, the store became known for stocking a variety of obscure films. Once closed, these titles disappear. This documentary investigates the whereabouts of a lost video collection of 55,000 films, culminating in a tour of Sicily. I won't say any more, but documentary fans would do well to give this one a try!

Also available this week


The Addams Family 1&2 Double Movie (4K)

crow (4K)

noon (Blu-ray)

“Monk: The Complete Sixth Season” (television)

Standard angle


The Story of Floating Weeds/ Floating Weeds: Two Films by Yasujiro Ozu

From the Criterion Collection: “In 1959, Ozu Yasujiro remade his 1934 classic silent film The story of floating grass Color work shot in collaboration with renowned cinematographer Kazuo Miyagawa. Ozu's later version was set by the seaside but retained his elegantly simple plot details, in which an aging actor returns to a small town with his troupe to reunite with his ex-lover and their son. The scene outraged his current mistress and left everyone heartbroken as a result. Together, these films provide a unique look at the evolution of one of cinema's greatest directors. The story of floating grass Discovering Ozu developing his expression; floating weeds Showing his unique style at his peak. The director captures the joys and sorrows of everyday life in each film.

Stay tuned for more next week…

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