Joey’s Home Movies for the Week of April 22 – The Departed 4K Version and Drive-In Highlights

Welcome back to my home movies!This week we have Martin ScorseseBest Picture-winning classic The Departed Walker Coming to 4K, and ethan cohencomedy drive away doll. This is a very interesting duo hitting shelves today. What else do we have, including new Criterion Collection releases? Continue reading to learn more…

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The Departed Walker

The Departed(4K)

Martin Scorsese The Departed Walker Not only is this a modern crime classic, but it will forever be remembered as the film that ultimately won him an Oscar.Yes, this remake Infernal Affairs Scorsese won the Academy Award for Best Director, and the film itself won Best Picture. Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jack Nicholsonand Mark Wahlberg They are both at the top of their respective games. If you haven't seen it yet, fix it as soon as possible. If you have one, this 4K version is the perfect excuse to revisit it!

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drive away doll

I really hope more people see it drive away doll. This very funny raunchy road trip comedy is a really good time. Margaret Cooley and Geraldine Viswanathan Has incredible chemistry and makes for a great pairing on screen. Yes, it's silly, but there's a lot to like about this movie. My review included the following praise:

I'm one of those rare animals who doesn't always like the Coen brothers. So when the two went off to work on their own projects, I was probably more curious than sad. After all, maybe their tastes are more unique than we thought?Well, that's quite an understatement, because Joel Cohen Choose true elegance Macbeth's tragedy.What have you done ethan cohen Produce? Well, if any of you have a lesbian road trip action comedy on your dance card, you're in a good spot.That's it drive away doll In short, closer judd apatow Than OG Coen brothers. You see, Cohen also made a very funny, raunchy, even sexy movie that I grew more and more interested in as time went on. It ended up being a movie that made me laugh as much as any other movie so far this year.

drive away doll There's a grungy charm and a charming teenage sense of humor that makes me happy. The gradual elevating of the jokes proved effective, especially given the direction things were going. Cohen isn't afraid to keep things sexy once in a while, either, putting more bones into this genre mash-up than expected.

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Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths, Part 2

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I am Cuba

From the Criterion Collection: “Both a milestone in radical political cinema and one of the most visually captivating films ever made, this legendary revolutionary anthem shimmers across the screen like a rebellious fever dream. Director Mikhail Mikhail Kalatozov's film was the result of an ambitious collaboration between the Soviet and Cuban film industries. I am Cuba The story unfolds in four explosive vignettes, capturing the lives of Cubans on the brink of transition, as overwhelming economic exploitation and inequality give way to a working-class uprising. Backed by Carlos Fariñas's stirring score, Sergei Urusevsky's dazzling cinematography – which has inspired generations of filmmakers – —conveys the film’s liberating message.

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