Joey’s Home Movies for the week of April 15th – Bring home your Jack Ryan collection!

Welcome back to my home movies! Today, we have a Jack Ryan action set leading the way. There are very few new releases this week, so it felt like a good idea to take a look back at this movie character. Plus, there's even a TV version of the character hitting the shelves, so it's only fitting. Continue reading to learn more…

Joey's top choice

Jack Ryan Ultimate 5 Movie Collection (4K)

This set includes the Stone Cold Classic The Hunt for Red October, which makes it worth buying in its own right.However, it includes all of the other big screen Jack Ryan adventures, including Harrison Ford outing patriot games and clear and present dangeradd Ben AffleckIs a the sum of all fearsalso Chris Pine exist Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Alec Baldwin Be prepared for confrontation connolly Although in The Hunt for Red October, so he personally took the cake for me. However, you can’t go wrong here!

Also available this week

StarCraft: Lower Decks: Season 4 (television)

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan: The Complete Series (television)

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan: The Final Season (television)


Standard angle


Wakemeister Harmony

From the Criterion Collection: “This mesmerizing fable about the collapse of society is a mystery with transcendent visual, philosophical and mystical resonances. Adapted from the novel by Laszlo Krasnahorkai, Wakemeister Harmony The story takes place in an unnamed village at an unknown time, when one day a mysterious circus – including a giant stuffed whale and a mysterious, provocateur-like figure called the Prince – arrives. , seems to awaken a kind of madness in the villagers that will inevitably lead to violence. In thirty-nine hypnotic long takes, director Béla Tarr and co-director and editor Agnes Hlanitsky portray a world of apocalyptic terror and unfathomable horror in ghostly black and white. Beautiful sight.

Stay tuned for more next week…

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