Joey’s home movie – “La haine” joins the Criterion Collection for the week of April 1

Welcome back to my home movies! Today, we once again don't have a lot of new releases to talk about, but we do have a very strong movie about to make its way into the Criterion Collection.Yes, this week brings none other than hatred. Continue reading to learn more…

Joey's top choice


Hatred (standard)

From the Criterion Collection: “Matthew Kassovitz takes the film world by storm with ‘Matthew Kassovitz’ hatred, A gritty, disturbing and visually explosive look at the racial and cultural fluctuations of modern France, specifically the low-income suburbs of Paris. Vinz (played by Vincent Cassel), Hubert (played by Hubert Condé) and Said (played by Said Tagmaoui) – respectively Jewish, African and Arabs – who spend their days aimlessly in the concrete surroundings of cul-de-sac suburbs – give a human face to France’s immigrant population. Their deep resentment at their marginalization slowly simmers until it reaches a boiling point. A work of tenacity and beauty, hatred is a milestone in French cinema in the 1990s and a profound reflection on the country's ongoing identity crisis.

Also available this week

“Major League Baseball” (1989) Photography: Reynaldo Villalobos

four daughters

major alliances (4K)

Red: 2 movie collection (4K)

Standard angle


*As a reminder, the top pick, La haine, was released by Criterion this week*

Stay tuned for more next week…

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