Joey's home movie for the week of March 25th – “Iron Claw” will shock you again

Welcome back to my home movies!This week, we’re treated to one of last year’s best and most underrated films iron claw Lead the way. Indeed, this is a title that deserves more love and attention. Several other titles are out today, as well as two Criterion Collection releases, so there's plenty to dig into. Continue reading to learn more…

Joey's top choice


iron claw

This movie blew my mind.I'm curious how iron claw The results have been this way since it was announced, but it's almost shocking to see it executed so well. The film is heartbreaking, intense, and ultimately very moving. This was truly an underrated gem from last year that would have been nominated for an Academy Award had it been released earlier.My interview with the writer/director Sean Durkin (here) and actors Harrison Dickinson (here), Death McCallany (here), Maura Tierney (here), Stanley Simmons (here), Zac Efron and Jeremy Allen White (here) on the website for your viewing pleasure. My four-star review on the site starts like this:

It doesn’t matter if it’s not good. We should all know that admitting when you're in a bad situation is a sign of strength, not weakness. This goes twofold for so-called tough guys. iron clawThe true story of the Von Erich family of wrestlers illustrates this point powerfully. Over the years, the family has suffered tragedies that are almost beyond comprehension, but what if some of them could speak of their trauma? Would things have turned out differently? There's no way of knowing, but the film depicts how much destruction can be caused by leaving everything inside. It's a great sports movie, biopic, and character study, but it's probably also an important part in understanding why asking for help is crucial. It all adds up to one of the best and most moving works of 2023.

iron claw Obliterated me. It's awe-inspiring with great acting, impeccable filmmaking and a timely message about mental health. I loved wrestling as a kid, had some knowledge of the Von Erich family, and the “Von Erich Curse,” but not having any of that was a barrier to entry.very similar angry bull or Loki You don't need to be a boxing fan, this movie is about wrestling too.

Also available this week


book of clarence

competitor (Blu-ray)

The Departed Walker (Blu-ray)

good burger 2

“Monk: Season 5” full version (television)

royal hotel

Wednesday: Complete Season 1 (television)

when evil lurks

Standard angle


die for

From The Criterion: “America's obsession with celebrity turns terrifying in this TV-mediated satire of an era obsessed with true crime. Nicole Kidman gets her career breakthrough as a A diabolical deconstruction of the girl next door, a local TV weather reporter whose perfect, perky exterior hides a murderous heart and whose ruthless pursuit of fame leads three disaffected teenagers into a sordid tabloid war. Scandal. Director Gus Van Sant deftly uses shifting perspectives, faux-documentary interviews, and a supporting cast that includes Joaquin Phoenix, Matt Dillon, and Casey Affleck for this noir look at suburban social pathology. The comical scrutiny adds a provocative meaning.


saint omer

From the Criterion Collection: “Writer-director Alice Diop brings a documentarian's sense of open inquiry to her first narrative feature, constructing a morally and emotionally layered courtroom drama like no other. Novelist When Rama (Kajije Kagame) travels to Saint-Omer, France to attend the trial of a young Senegalese woman (Gusraj Malanda) accused of murdering her young daughter, she discovers that she has been In a case that proves to have profound consequences, Diop weaves complex themes of mother-daughter relationships, immigrant alienation, and postcolonial trauma into a poignant portrait of two women who are mysteriously connected, abandoning simple questions of guilt and innocence. To explore the disturbing unknowability of the human soul.

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