Joey's Home Movie for the Week of March 11th – “Poor Thing” Takes Home the Newly Awarded Oscar

Welcome back to my home movies!This week we got the Academy Awards poor thing Listed with a nominee Purpleas well as 2023 contenders such as ferrari and hope.Join a fun romantic comedy anyone but you, and more, there’s plenty to dig into today.Hell, we even released two Criterion Collection editions, including all beauty and bleeding! Which movies get my top honors? Read carefully to find out…

Joey's top choice

Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo in “Pity Things.” Photo by Atsushi Nishijima. Courtesy of Searchlight Pictures. © 2023 20th Century Studios All Rights Reserved.

poor thing

Emma Stone Regroup Yorgos Lanthimos For a near masterpiece poor thing. Funny, touching, shocking, and almost impeccably crafted, the film's Oscar-winning success is both incredibly cool and unsurprising. After winning four Academy Awards, Stone won the Best Actress award and is now enshrined in film history. If you didn't see it last year, you really should correct it now.I did several interviews for the film, including with Lanthimos and Stone here, and Willem Dafoe here, beside Tony McNamara here. Back at the Telluride Film Festival ( here ), I raved about the film in my review, which started like this:

It doesn't look like it should be this easy.So far, it has achieved great success poor thingI think the director Yorgos Lanthimos Can be called a master. He has successfully used his very unique style and worldview to create a filmmaking voice that deserves to be celebrated. A sexually liberating and wildly funny look at female self-discovery, his latest is not only one of the funniest movies of the year, it's also one of the best. At the Telluride Film Festival, it’s the festival’s crowning achievement.

poor thing is the best work to date, not just from the stars Emma Stone But so does Lanthimos. They implicitly trust each other, and it shows in the final product.Bold, wild, but also incredibly fun, their spin Frankenstein The story is unlike anything you've ever seen, even if its narrative won't necessarily surprise you. You are safe in their hands, provided of course you are not easily offended.

Recommended movies

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anyone but you

A very enjoyable romantic comedy, anyone but you There is a burning chemical reaction between Glen Powell and Sidney Sweeney. It's really smooth, but this silly movie is a lot of fun. Romantic comedies are back, baby! My highly positive review here includes the following:

Chemistry is the key to romantic comedies. If you have it, you'll be able to get away with a lot. If you don't, there's little a romantic comedy can do to make up for it.Fortunately anyone but you, there is real chemistry between the lead characters of this movie. Watching them spar and sparks fly is the main attraction here. This is especially important because, aside from some surprisingly funny lines from the supporting characters, the central plot leaves a lot to be desired. It's definitely an imperfect movie, but I was largely captivated by it.

anyone but you It also marks a rare romantic comedy that is still widely played in theaters today. For the most part, romantic comedies are now moving to streaming, which is a shame. Not only is this a great date movie, but it's a low-key throwback to a time when such photos were the norm. Now, its very existence is a novelty, which is perhaps why the film ended up having a much greater impact on me than it did on me.

Also available this week


Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom



international space station

Rick and Morty: Season 7 (television)



Standard angle


Everything Money Can Buy (aka The Devil and Daniel Webster)

From the Criterion Collection: “Jabez Stone is a hard-working farmer trying to make an honest living, but a string of bad luck lures him into doing the unthinkable: bargaining with the devil. In exchange for seven years of good fortune, Luck, Stone promised “Mr. “Scratch” his soul. But when the troubled farmer begins to realize the error of his choices, he enlists the help of the one man who might save him: legendary orator and politician Daniel Webster. Directed by William Dieterle, stylish, everything money can buy With inspired visuals, Bernard Herrmann's unforgettable Oscar-winning score, and Walter Huston's truly diabolical performance as the Devil, Stephen Vincent Bennett's classic short story is brought to life brought to life.


all beauty and bleeding

From the Criterion Collection: “Fearless documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras's career-long pursuit of truth and justice in an epic story of art, activism, and survival Produced in collaboration with renowned artist Nan Goldin, all beauty and bleeding PAIN, the advocacy group she founded to raise awareness about the integral role played by the billionaire Sackler family in the ongoing opioid overdose crisis, a mission close to Goldin's throughout his life The journey intertwines with her personal experiences with drug addiction and the AIDS epidemic, from her rebellious adolescence to immersion in New York City's burgeoning underground art scene. Through it all, her indelible photographs and candid reflections on memory and trauma reveal her unwavering solidarity with marginalized communities who refuse to remain silent.

Stay tuned for more next week…

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