Joey’s Home Movies for the Week of March 4th – Bring Home the Complete Saw Series (So Far)

Welcome back to my home movies! Today, we have two franchisees getting the boxed collectible treatment.One is the Expendables Franchising, that’s what it is.Another one, easily my top pick for the week, is saw. Yes, these ten movies are all together for the first time! What else is on the way? Read carefully to find out…

Joey's top choice

Saw 10 movie collection

By now you all know that I love saw, each movie in the series has its own value. These movies are some of the funniest in horror cinema, so having a complete collection (until the next one comes out) is a small joy for fans. I wrote about the series here, ranking all ten series at the time, and the list includes the most recent issue, which ranked highly, SawX. Here's what I had to say about this in last year's review:

this saw The franchise has shown incredible longevity over the years. What started out as a small indie horror film has become one of the biggest entries in the genre. For over five years, there were pauses in between, but it always came back to Saw.Although both puzzle and Spiral: From “The Book of Saws” Not quite able to reboot it to horror heights (even though the latter is one of the best movies they've ever made), SawX There is a great opportunity to do this. A return to his roots, the return of Tobin Bell, is what many have been seeking. If this is something you enjoy, the results will be very satisfying.

SawX It’s both old and new, which works to its advantage. Taking place early in the series, when the central character was still alive (remember, there are now seven sequels to the third installment where he died), the story is able to fill in the gaps while also telling a different kind of story. story. Here, you identify with Bale's character throughout, which is a notable difference. Not only is his presence a real benefit to the work, but it almost evokes a bit of nostalgia.Overall, this is an upper echelon saw Movie.

Also available this week

the Expendables

The Expendables: 4 Movies Collection

Heroes: The Complete Collection (television)

curse jar

what's left

who are you

*No Criterion Collection releases this week, but that installment will be back next week, so please be patient! *

Stay tuned for more next week…

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