Joey’s Home Movies for the Week of February 26th – Contagion will join 2023 titles like Next Goal Winner and Wonka in 4K

Welcome back to my home movies!This week, a dire warning about our future is infect Get a special 4K version.Joining the list today is a slew of 2023 games, including dream scene, Next goal winsand Wonka. In addition to the newly released Criterion Collection, what other products are on the shelves? Read carefully to find out…

Joey's top choice

Infectious Diseases(2011)
Photography by Steven Soderbergh

Infectious Disease(4K)

Steven Soderberghchilling infect It was pretty scary back in 2011. There's not much new to say about this movie, but it's a film that at one point was almost unwatchable simply because it hit so close to home. Now, over time, you can appreciate its uncompromising view of the pandemic. It's still engaging, it just has added weight. It’s now 4K, and it’s definitely worth buying if you can handle it.

Recommended movies

searchlight pictures

Next goal wins

Taika WaititiThe inspirational sports comedy became a punching bag after last year's Toronto International Film Festival. It's a shame, because this is a fun little movie.It was misrepresented as a winning contestant, but Next goal wins Delightful in its simplicity. Back to TIFF, I said this in the comments:

Next goal wins A crowd pleaser and very entertaining. The thing is, that's it, it's okay, but it might not be what some people expect. Full of sincerity and humor, it just serves a story you've seen many times before. Has Waititi ever done this? No, this is evident from his emotional display. Just don’t hold onto thoughts that aren’t true.

Also available this week

Warner Bros.

Everything is silent on the Western Front (4K)

dream scene

Fear the Walking Dead – Complete Season 8 (television)


miranda's victim

“Monk: The Complete Season 4” (television)

the night they came home

Orphan Black: The Complete Series (television)

Smallville: The Complete Series (television)



Standard angle


the roaring twenties

From the Criterion Collection: “Based on the headlines of the tumultuous era between World War I and the Great Depression, this high-energy, nostalgic crime drama balances submachine gun action with epic historical sweeps. Legendary Man James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart star as comrades whose fortunes rise and fall as their fates intersect, first in the foxholes on the front lines of World War I and then in the underworld of Prohibition-era Manhattan. Directed by Hollywood maestro Raoul Walsh and based on a story by prolific journalist and screenwriter-producer Mark Hellinger, the roaring twenties Ending Warner Bros.' famous gangster cycle of the 1930s, it remains one of the greatest and most influential crime films of all time.

Stay tuned for more next week…

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