Joy Home Movies for the Week of February 5 – Robert Altman’s McCabe and Mrs. Miller Comes to Criterion

Welcome back to my home movies!We don't have a ton of new releases today (better next week), but we do Robert Altman A classic from the Criterion Collection.Yes, this week brings exactly that McCabe and Mrs. Miller. Continue reading to learn more…

Joey's top choice


McCabe and Mrs. Miller (Standard)

From the Criterion Collection: “Robert Altman's unorthodox fantasy western may be the most beautiful film of the new American cinema. It stars Warren Beatty and Julie Christie as two newcomers to a Presbyterian church in a Pacific Northwest mining town. , they team up to provide the miners with a premium brothel experience, but the emergence of a powerful mining company representative with their own interests threatens to undo their plans, thanks to the charming and flawed character, the great Vilmos Zygmon. With its evocative cinematography, innovative overlapping dialogue and haunting use of Leonard Cohen songs, McCabe and Mrs. Miller Brilliantly takes away and revitalizes the most American of charms.

Also available this week

Bleecker Street


OSS 117: Five Film Collection

Mark Kistler's Secret City

Waitress: The Musical

Standard angle


*As a reminder, top pick McCabe and Mrs. Miller will be released this week on Criterion*

Stay tuned for more next week…

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