Joey’s Home Movies for the Week of January 29th – Enjoy the second course of “Thanksgiving” in the comfort of your own home!

Welcome back to my home movies!This week, a really fun holiday horror movie grateful Home for seconds. Joining the horror franchise today are two powerful new (and recent) Criterion Collection releases. What else is on the way? Read carefully to find out…

Joey's top choice

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I had hoped Eli Roth finally make grateful. I even hoped it would be fun. I never thought it would be this good, but here it is, in all its bloody glory. What an enjoyable film that makes the most of everything Roth is good at as a filmmaker. Salute him and cheers! My review includes the following:

It's no secret I've always wanted to see grateful Ever since I saw it, I thought it was a drama. Eli Rothperiod fake trailer torture chamber. This is so fascinating to me, a horror movie set on Turkey Day. Well, it's real now, it's here, guys…it's glorious. Ross has made this horror film for anyone who loves old school horror films. This is nonsense.

grateful Worth playing at midnight on Black Friday every year and always will. It's a future cult classic, no doubt, but it's just a decent horror movie. There are a lot of homages in the trailer, but the film definitely exists naturally. It's a retro-style hack-and-slash game, but considering how few we play these days, that's still a compliment.

Also available this week



Behemoths of Als: The Complete Collection (television)

Monk: The Complete Season 3 (television)

Christmas Eve

Standard angle



From The Criterion: “In the 1940s Mississippi Delta, two farming families—one a white landowner and one a black sharecropper—struggle to survive World War II and the turmoil of the war, and are Bound by the unforgiving soil they share. Each family sends one young man off to fight; the community is torn apart when they return home scarred and finding a common bond. Together with co-writer Virgil Williams, Rhys creates a unique American tragedy that infuses painful historical realities with timeless power. Rhys's cast includes Carey Morrigan, Mary J. Blige, Jason Mitchell, Rob Morgan, Garrett Hedlund, Jason Clarke and Jonathan Banks deliver heart-warming performances backed by Rachel Morrison's darkly polished cinematography support, muddy is a fiercely humanistic study of succession based on Hilary Jordan's novel.



From The Criterion Collection: “This darkly humorous adaptation of Owen Wells' novel brought an adrenaline rush to British cinema in the 1990s, from director Danny Boyle and producer Andrew McDonough. A major breakthrough for Na and screenwriter John Hodge, with fiery energy and stylistic verve. trainspotting The film follows the life and times of Scottish heroin addict Mark Renton (Ewan McGregor), who along with his band of misfits took drugs, got into trouble, got clean, then got high again, all of it It’s all about escaping a mediocre life. Set against an iconic soundtrack of dynamic techno, rock, and Britpop, this indie phenomenon chooses the ugly, beautiful, and frightening excitement of life.

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