Joey’s Home Movies for the Week of January 22 – Revisit some potential Best Picture nominees!

Welcome back to my home movies! We don't have a lot of new movies hitting the shelves today, but we did get Oscar nominations this morning. So my top picks this week are probably the Academy Award nominees already available on home video. What might they be, you might ask? Well, read on to find out more…

Joey's top choice

Best Picture Nomination

So we're not sure yet what the Best Picture nominees will be. However, we do know that there are a few movies that can be safely cited.These titles are Barbie, something to keep, Oppenheimerand past life, all of which are already available on Blu-ray and DVD (and in some cases 4K).Plus, you can stream Killers of the Flower Moon and Grandmaster Currently airing on Apple TV+ and Netflix respectively. If you missed any of these movies, this week is a perfect opportunity to catch up!

Also available this week


Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths – Part One

Enforcer: Bass Reeves (television)

Special Ops: Lioness: Season 1 (television)

your lucky day

Standard angle


Masterpieces of Chantal Akerman, 1968-1978

From the Criterion Collection: “During the revolutionary first decade of her filmmaking career, Chantal Akerman devoted herself to the radical reinvention of cinematic time and space. Traveling between Europe and New York, A Kerman has developed a highly personal style that blends avant-garde influences with deeply human expressions of alienation, desire, and displacement—which she will explore in an increasingly ambitious series of shorts, documentaries, and features themes, including towering Jeanne Dielman, 23, quai du Commerce, 1080 Brussels. With an immersive pace that makes the smallest details significant, these landmarks of twentieth-century art continue to reveal new ways of experiencing film and constructing reality.

Stay tuned for more next week…

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