Joey’s Home Movies for the Week of August 14th – A Visit to Wes Anderson’s “Asteroid City”

Welcome back to my home movies!This week, latest Weiss Anderson Co-leads a fairly diverse but fairly top-heavy slate.Yes, today's leader is none other than Anderson asteroid city. What else is on the way? Read carefully to find out…

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asteroid city

Wes Anderson continues his wacky ways asteroid city, another ensemble comedy. As someone who runs hot and cold on filmmakers, I found this to be one of his more enjoyable efforts. Say what you will, but even if I don't mind one of his films, that's usually a good sign.I talked to the actors Hope Davis and Stephen Parker here, Adrien Brody and Jeffrey Wright Here, there is also Jason Schwartzman and Scarlett Johansson here. Be sure to check these out. My review on the website included the following introductory paragraph:

Whenever I look back on a Weiss Anderson The movie, admittedly, is done through the lens of people the filmmakers either loved or missed very much. Usually, his animated films really fascinate me, while his more live-action efforts just don't fail.So when I say this asteroid city This is almost an average piece of work by Anderson, which means different things to me than it does to some of you. For those of you who have delved into his work, you may be delighted. It's probably less work for the guys on my boat, albeit slightly more efficient than usual.

asteroid city It's pretty much what you'd expect from Anderson, and some of the new members of his ensemble really shine. Some of these performances are truly some of the best the writer/director has given in a while. Add to that the normal impeccable visuals and a somewhat deadpan story, and well…that's Weiss Anderson.

Also available this week


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Desserts: a little bit of thought

From the Criterion Collection: “The follow-up to Wayne Wang’s watershed independent film Chen is missing It's a family portrait that elegantly combines the director's signature gentle humanism with attention to poignant detail. Wang's bittersweet examination of the intergenerational pas de deux between an aging immigrant widow and her devoted daughter, torn between filial duty and her own desires, offers an alternative to San Francisco's Chinese American community. A whole new perspective.Performed by an ensemble composed of real-life mother and daughter Kim and Laurene Chew and Victor Wong, inspired by Yasujirō Ozu Desserts: a little bit of thought It's made with the same care and attention as the home-cooked food it celebrates.

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