Joey’s Home Movies for the Week of July 17th – How to Blow Up a Pipe and The Last of Us Return

Welcome back to my home movies! This week, we've got all kinds of goodies on the shelves.Today brings you one of the best movies of the year How to blow up a pipeand one of the best shows the last of us.Join a fun little comedy that's been ignored fool's paradise, as well as the classics that get the standard treatment, and there are plenty to choose from. Continue reading to learn more…

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the last of us

It's no secret that I don't watch much TV, but one of my favorite video games turned into a show? Of course, I'm listening.from Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey arrive Nick Offerman and Murray BartlettI was shocked the last of us. When it comes to how the show raises the bar for video game adaptations ( here ), I include the following:

Episode three is an unmitigated masterpiece. The most obvious change in the game's plot is that the episode spends most of its time keeping our heroes on the sidelines, focusing on Offerman's Bill and a relationship only hinted at in the video game. Frank, played by Bill and Bartlett, lives a good life here. Heartbreaking and deeply moving. To me, this is the best TV episode I've seen in a long time. Yes, it's that good.

The ending proved to be just as emotional and memorable as we expected. Those who haven't played the game will almost certainly be shocked, while those of us who have played the game are surprised at how well it's portrayed. It's brutal, powerful, and will linger in your mind long after the end credits roll. the last of us It took nine episodes to get to this one, and boy does it never disappoint.

Recommended viewing

roadside attractions

fool's paradise

i was shocked Charlie DayThe directorial debut didn't get a better response. I thought it was very funny, full of sarcasm, and overall a great time. fool's gold Not revolutionary, but it's easily enjoyable.I talked to my co-stars. Ken Zheng Regarding the film, my review of the film here includes the following:

Hollywood satire used to be more produced than it is now. Part of this is the disappearance of mid-range films, but the other part is that many people tend to miss the point. When one person is working, a riot can occur. When they don't, however, the film tends to lose its issues. Fortunately, fool's paradise This satire would have succeeded even if this kind of movie were more common.Especially as a writer/director/star debut Charlie Dayit is indeed a relaxing and enjoyable feeling.

fool's paradise Showing equally strong comedy and satire. Filled with cameos and not afraid to feel baseball at times, it's still a broad audience pleaser. Plus, the movie isn't afraid to bring out the emotion at times. I laughed a lot, was amazed by Day's central performance (more on that below), and had a really great time. As a small-scale comedy counter show, what more could you ask for?


How to blow up a pipe

One of the angriest and most riveting movies of the year is How to blow up a pipe. This urgent thriller has something to say, says it with ruthless efficiency, and leaves you with a lot to think about. It's certainly worth seeing, despite its small size. I said the following about this film in my highly positive review:

How do you make a point when no one seems to be really listening? Depending on the situation, you might raise the voice, introduce a visual element, or maybe go bigger. When it comes to environmental activism, there is a segment of the community that believes larger scale is the only option.exist How to blow up a pipe, we see a way to make a point. This is an extreme statement, but one with clear head and sound reasons. This film captivated me with its powerful story and left a real mark.

How to blow up a pipe Its pithy and impactful storytelling is razor-sharp. Following a group of antiheroes who may be involved in domestic terrorism is a fine line to walk, but this movie does it extremely well. Whether it actually inspired any change is another matter, but as extremely effective filmmaking? It was an absolute success.

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Little Richard: I am everything

love again


South Park: Seasons 21-25 (television)

Your Excellency: Season 2 (television)

Your Excellency: The Complete Series (television)

Standard angle



From the Standard Collection: “There used to be Out of breath, and then after Panting. Jean-Luc Godard broke into cinema in 1960 with this jazzy, free-form and sexy homage to the American film genre that inspired him to become a writer Movie Notebook. A lack of polish, a surfeit of attitude, a freewheeling crime narrative, and ebullient young stars Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jean Seberg, panting Helped launch the French New Wave and ensured cinema would never be the same.


Wild Westerns: Five Films Directed by Bud Boetticher

From the Criterion Collection: “Five light-hearted, lively-acted Westerns from director Bud Boetticher and hunky star Randolph Scott in the second half of the 1950s transcended the B-movies 's origins, a rich and unexpectedly insightful exploration of loyalty, greed and honor. The films were often titled Ranown (named after producers Harry Joe Brown and Scott's production company) and were produced by Burt Kennedy and Charles C. Lang wrote colorful scripts that seemed to unfold in a world of their own, making claims somewhere between traditional westerns and subversive genre revisionism.

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