Joey’s Home Movies for the Week of June 26th – Evil Dead Rises brings the series back to life

Welcome back to my home movies!Today we bring the latest evil Dead Movies on shelves evil death rises.Joining the title this week is Kevin Smithof Malac 4K, new Criterion Collection sets, and more. Read on to find out what…

Joey's top choice

Warner Bros.

evil death rises

this evil Dead Franchise life! This is a more modern production that still retains some of the dark comedy that made the earlier work so iconic. Effective horror is easy to appreciate, making this one of the most satisfying genre films of the year so far. My review includes the following:

There are two types evil Dead Project. Some people are serious, and some people stick their tongues in their bloody cheeks.Now, serious gore trumps silly gore, but we can find a fun middle ground evil death rises. It's not meant to be funny, but there's a sense of fun and games, and higher stakes, making it one of the best installments of the series so far. The film is lean, mean, ruthless, efficient, and has teeth.

evil death rises It stands head and shoulders above other movies because of the acting, practical effects, and impactful story rather than just being heartfelt excuses. Now, if that were all, few would be upset. However, the reason the film received such a strong response is because it aimed higher. Without losing sight of the series' DNA, the creativity here is going in a new and exciting direction.

Also available this week

Arrow Video

George Foreman: The Amazing Story of the Once and Future Heavyweight Champion of the World


Malac (4K format)

Standard angle


Paolini 101

From the Criterion Collection: “The Italian polymath Pier Paolo Pasolini was one of the most original and controversial thinkers of the twentieth century. He embodied many seemingly contradictory ideologies and identities, and he It's all expressed in his provocative, lyrical and indelible films, which elevate pimps, hustlers, sex workers and homeless people to the realm of saints with their relentless focus on society's oppressed and marginalized. At the same time, the nine uncompromising, often scandalous features he created in the 1960s traverse the sacred and secular, the ancient and the modern, the mythical and the personal. On its 101st anniversary, it still stands as a monument.

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